- Never throw a whistle blower under a bus... there will always be more buses, and that will scare future whistle blowers.

- Important

- Hi gang.

- I've asked whistle to not propagate the information any further, or respond to any open pings she might already have out.

- no response on that yet

- Howdy

- I heard you needed someone with a doctorate in shit talking on reddit.

- πŸ˜‚

- Lol

- if one of you doesn't already have an appropriate sock puppet account on reddit, might I encourage you to make one? it requires a history of a few successful posts for posts from a new user to automagically appear

- if you go down the reddit route, the shitheel mod will undoubtedly delete the post, even if you black out names. so you'd also want to strategically think about how to leak the information.

- Wait what room am I in? Reddit Ops 201

- collaborative drive:


you'll have to request. I'm not about to do all that email address gathering

- social media is a meta, CQ.

- all screenshots to date are in there. I'll batch approve periodically.

- ;)

- use .rocks already you salty bastard

- newp

- Lololololol

- [[Webpage]]Anticipated WB data Release is 1 PM EDT on Thurs, 10/19/2017

Initial release vector is this website: https://brokersguild.wordpress.com/roster/
DM your email address to @theprevaricator for preview access

Last minute edits document
Erich needs to read this and do the needful

TGR has an issue to address regarding some leaked info on a blue team cheaternet. See screenshots here:
https://goo.gl/BCFyeh (you'll have to request access)

We're on lockdown with this. Internal discussion is fine, but do not disclose anything externally. I'm wrangling, but this is a TGR community-owned issue.

We're going to come up with a strategy and work in lockstep. No external facing actions until we're in agreement on how to proceed.

WB releases

Spreadsheet of Broker's Guild bots channel members with commentary

Proposed release website format

If you want to yammer or vent spleen or otherwise oscillate, click this thing

If you would like to interact with WB
Consider your anonymity and make decisions that are right for you.
.....17.10.2017 13:23:02, James P. Violentwaves142 IN E16: >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- Toot toot
.....17.10.2017 13:23:26, Michael Noda [GreatNorthern, PHL <span class="emoji emoji-spritesheet-3" style="background-position: -486px -36px;" title="us">:us:</span>]: >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- Access request sent
.....17.10.2017 13:24:09, StealthRanger [St. Louis, MO, USA]: >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- 5 access requests sent

- Lol whoops

- it was in protest
.....17.10.2017 13:25:43, Nadia Amro: >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<
.....17.10.2017 13:25:53, SeaFoamSoul SAS: >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- I'm assuming you'll want to act quickly?

- ok, whistle has agreed not to contact anyone else or to follow up on any open pings.

- {{FWD: Charlie Arnold, 17.10.2017 12:32:23}}

- {{FWD: Charlie Arnold, 17.10.2017 12:34:31}}

- {{FWD: Charlie Arnold, 17.10.2017 12:37:30}}

- {{FWD: Charlie Arnold, 17.10.2017 12:38:21}}

- Next order of business: Based on what we've received so far, do we feel absolutely confident that this is real?

- I think the exact opposite

- Also, @Semiotiq have you asked him why he's doing this?

- Does anyone have doubts about the validity, or fears of being set up?

- Its real.
.....17.10.2017 13:27:03, Brian Lusky (RevDegen Erie PA): >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- Did I miss that when I read back through?

- no. I'm minimizing conversation until we have had time to really think this through and have consensus on the whole of the things that need to be done in the next step. Not going to let this thing spiral or become fractured.

- How long before they figure out someone is leaking it and shuts them out?

- I'm trying to figure out what the setup would be. Someone brought a fake Slack to us they spent a ton of time making incriminating res agents with their actual names?

- πŸ‘

- We've done as much work as we can to lock the source to us, and to clamp down our release. I think we're good on infoSec for a day or two at least.

- I think the validity of these will be challenged regardless of whether or not they're valid.

- Yeah, it sounds like a bit much, but this also sounds like Intel too good to be true.

- Maybe I'm just paranoid

- Any chance of obtaining more? Like a wealth of them? A user list?

- The communication is open

- Yes. I'm only interested in our internal observations for now. We have to agree that it's valid as a gateway to the next step.

- the whistleblower asked how to sink the ship

- i feel a bit of this too. but you all know much better what something valid and real looks like

- they've offered to collaborate.

- Oh I'm very paranoid as well, but stuff is lining up so far.

- If I saw one of my guys in there I'd know it's true

- have you broached API key with them?

- yes, I feel this as well.

The full kimono ask would be to request access to their login credentials for the slack.

- Ok, I'll trust the group consensus. I just had to put the thought out there.

- that's the information from the scrapergate we dealt with

- Yes

- [[Webpage]]full screenshot dump: https://imgur.com/a/V5BN6

- I can have the full export in minutes with an API key

- But I'm hesitant to do that. It would damage the relationship if the whistle felt she had to say no.

- and then we get grabs of the worst of it.

- Do we know if any of the open alternate pings included a Niantic employee? I'm perplexed why they went to visible enl as opposed to someone like Krug

- The email. May give them away. That's a hard ask

- Well nvm the account name probably will

- If I were in her shoes, I would have come to someone like me, too. Instead of Krug.

We're more likely to do more damage than Niantic would.

- Because Krug or any other individual at Niantic is unable to do much, if anything, about this.

- And as Semi notes, every reason to keep it covered up.

- True. Yeah I'm satisfied with that answer. πŸ‘

- Nothing will happen to these agents accounts

- Who has led the most effective/damaging social media campaigns of the last three months? This crew.

- We have to assume that

- the biggest thing we can hope for is a black mark on all of the agents participating, but the user list can be denied

- evidence of direct wrong doing by participants is required

- We can maybe permanently move the needle one tick with regard to the gamewide conversation on these kinds of issues. That's valuable.

We can put a lot of high profile RES in deeply indefensible positions for a week or so.

We can nuke RES orga during anomaly week.

- We will not get anyone banned, and we will not stop the malfeasance.

- I mean, that'd be lovely and we can maybe angle for it, but it's not a realistic expectation.

- TIme and screenshots. "Right before Boulder" is tempting timing, but "5 days before San Francisco" with the evidence to nail them dead to rights is better.

- We could invite the whistle to come talk to us.

- The post when it goes up has to be huge, comprehensive, well documented and on G+.

- It's not like we'd be adding any extra targets to our backs than we already have

- All anyone will be looking at for a week

- Most of us in here are hunted.

- All they do is hunt me

- multi-vector, simultaneous release.

- They can't hunt me no more than they already do lol

- Exactly. Lol

- And ha, ha, we're wrong? How do you even spin that? "You're wrong because the REAL hunter network is xyz"?

- one message, many voices. I'm not worried about that part. We know how to do this.

- I'm more than willing to put my name out there

- That's my point. :)

- It wont be "youre wrong" it will be "you do it too"

- it always is

- This has been my assumption. For a general social chat, this group regularly tests in the upper percentiles for the category of "getting stuff done"

- ok, let's focus on the immediate for a bit. By my notes, we're asking for three things:

1) As many in-situ screenshots as the whistle can possibly grab, showing agents requesting and receiving scraped data requests.

2) API key

3) member list of the slack

- They beat that drum on Sarah's post.

- Definitely member list.

- the documentation process for everything other than API key will be onerous

- That's fine. "Probably so, and if we find evidence of that we'll expose it too. Next question?"