- Toot toot
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- Oh lovely, evilsuperheros is ST louis BRRN

- Backlogging time brb

- Ohai.

- I got spoofed i felt special

- This is kinda evil and I like it.


- This can be Whistle Control

- And we can make Whistle swarm elsewhere

- [[Webpage]]https://plus.google.com/+JamesPapalia/posts/Zr68Na1eCny?iem=4&gpawv=1&hl=en-US
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- 👋

- i fear the res i know are involved with this, aaand .. it's gonna look ugly when my name is on a post that corresponds to this.
and that's fine. nobody likes a dirty cheater :)

- Keeps stuff .. untracable? Heh.

- This too.

- What about broo??

- I know he hunts and backpacks

- Backlogged ... ish, finally. Req’d access.
If this is the same tool I was shown last year at a glympse, it’s referred to as a hive mind for them. As well as that, there should be an associated map that ties into one’s requests.
I request X agent’s details
It is fed into slack & also into a map (i think through an iitc plugin)

- Hes the one who showed it to me.

- Req’d access, btw.
I wanna see if a few more are on there.

- Heh .. im seeing her today

- Will make 0 word of this

- Yeah. Sinisterkitten should be in there too. Likely maggie.

- Wow. All of my state BRRN reps are in it. And to think I thought it was somethin of moral stature.

- That was my 2 cents of social work.
Yeah, that’s THE network / hive mind. Work it.

- Id like to see that fall.

- Sher

- If WB does his tg name as WB

- WB needs to make something anon from that too.
If he has contact info w/ any of those folks on the list and they see that name (they get notified when a contact joins TG)

- ^

- This too.

- [[Voice Message, 22sec, size 46'091 bytes]]

- Np. Keepin things secure :)

- 😂

- i'm gonna stay anon to get juicy post-"shit hits the fan" details

- There are a few res i know on that list that are good people

- But.
If youre gonna get caught up in not so great things.

- Oh forsure

- Mystickittie is on there ... interesting.
Thats where wutangsammich gets his fuel to keep spoofing.

- “Normal” and “wrong” blend together at that point

- Basically.

- My people in this tell me that they get their info from others

- While theyre admins in this

- THAT is why i’m so against this on a personal level, betrayed trust.

- “I’m at work”
/farms keys

- Theres a degree on what is lying for opsec reasons and what is lying for things like this

- Worded poorly but you get what I mean

- I’m going anon with this to see how my res react toorrlw

- Some of us play nightmare.

- I play fixed zoom in the boonies mode

- ^

- Fuuuuuck. My res is livid right now

- Beautiful

- Mad at leak

- Three days grace - one x - track 6 of 13

- [[Webpage]]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m-t74QUjM6E

- To take it down?

- Oh, lol.

- You could say you’re a .... broker for him

- I saw an opportunity and I took it. And besides nobody ever expects me to write anything political

- I down arrow everything

- If yall want me you can tag or dm

- Its a nice coin 😂

- Lolol

- Yep i ask a lot of lori, im not asking her that. Shes sidelines on this

- Cheering but not participating

- At some point today i need an all down time & glympse tag for gulf fusion to hand to my teams, please.

- Ty bud 💚

- Ig some brokers are embracing it and getting coins made

- I mean if youre gonna embrace being actively scraping, why not coin check for it

- 42

- Nasa? Lolya

- Im gonna drop this. I dont have much to contribute

- Best of luck
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