- This has been my assumption. For a general social chat, this group regularly tests in the upper percentiles for the category of "getting stuff done"

- Rocinante, Juicytooz, are both in there. Local Erie Kings and under STLCards regionally. #necro #almostbacklogged

- guys

- [[Photo]]

- this is 100% Juicy looking for two guardian seeds I planted when we went to see the eclipse in August

- yup

- they're still live right now, but I'll keep an eye for if/when they go down

- and his list didn't pull up my portals, becuase the whole area is full of old portals

- Based on the conversation above, I'm starting to believe we don't have nearly enough screenshots of agents actually using the tools

- The more of those we have the better

- Two of my smurfs are pictured already

- But what I have is them searching a database around a zip code and checking their score

- It's just that the zip code happens to be 7 hrs out of his AO and within 10 km of 3 of my guardian portals

- So based on what we have I know that exists of me, but to see it would be the smoking gun.

- Regardless, more shots of agents querying players is needed, even if it means delay

- It's a good question. I'm saying there's a good chance that exists, but it might have been wiped at this point

- We happened to catch a related query

- It seems quite odd and coincidental that the zip code he was searching happens to be the exact area that you would be sent to look if you queried me. The only reason my portals are not listed is that they're in a place that is heavily green and has portals that have been untouched for over a year. And it's not somewhere an agent from Erie PA would just randomly search--it's not in our cell or the surrounding cells, etc. as soon as I input that zip code and that area came up I knew what exactly what he was looking for. But as was said above, what I am 99% sure of, and what we can prove are two different things.

- Possible, or queried a list for another more local broker. This query ostensibly happened within the last 48 hours. On Sunday, Wanderer68 (screenshot also exists in our files of him checking his GH score) took out a portal in Central PA that was slightly older. So it would make sense that they would check on these, as they're next on the list and would show up on my "oldest owned portals". But they have many weeks to go still before they mature fully, so no idea if they'll be taken now or wait until 147 days, etc

- Sorry for the minutiae, it's just that a bunch of our current usage screen shots involve Res from my area. I'm done. ☺️

- Point is, we need more screen shots .

- [[Photo]]

- Also, not mad--talking about strategy and whether we should delay the plan of release at all based on Nadia's point of view. But if you'd rather keep this strictly to webiste building/spreadsheet building logistics, that's ok too.

- @Strandit yeah, that came through clearly to me. It's also about letting them potentially speak to the devs involved and do something internally before we release.

- for sure

- lol, fair point.

- Yes, what would be the way to get out in front? Declare that scraping is not against TOS?

- agreed. AO for internal only ok?

- where are you seeing this...new screen shots?

- to the extent we're willing to include others from outside early, this is a very good idea

- #necro I think that Kotaku might run with this. They run a bunch of stories on stuff like Eve that have some similarities, and if Devs and factional leadership are involved, plus the PoGo connection, it's news worthy. They usually like a narrative though, so that would be a good place for WB quotes.

Of course, I agree with everyone else that the data is primary and comes first, but once this is released, I think it would be worth it to float the story and see if they want to pick it up.

- @Semiotiq there's a regional big blue fielder who is only on the riot list. And he was one of the biggest whiners about cheating. I'd prefer his name makes the site ☺️

- what copy still needs written?

- ready to take a crack at a page

- Ok. I'll start with RADAR. and then move to Riot if no one else has taken it when I'm done. I

- almost done with my page. @theprevaricator how would you like me to get the copy to you?

- I'm almost done RADAR

- k

- will ping you shortly and then we can edit from there.

- > @Semiotiq
ok. I'll quit nitpicking and do that for a while

Just finished RADAR. was going to start in on Riot.one, so let me know if you need any help with it, or hand it off after you get started.

- > @Semiotiq
right on. I'll share the document and we can DM to separate labor


- so, reading through Riot, I think some of the functionality of Riot and Radar are getting confused. RADAR is for attack notices/VRLA finding in a certain poly. The ability to be notified whenever an agent throws a link over 20 km, etc, is explicity mentioned in the RIOT documentation. Just want to make sure we understand how this works and get it right

- also, I left out the the spoofing/speed trap screen shot as we had a few examples, but if people feel its important to keep in, we can add it.

- charlie and I are writing Riot.one right now. It's big though, so it'll be a few

- that document is actually the worst

- it's giving me chills

- this and the anatomy of a hit are the two centerpieces in my mind

- when I was in Asia last week, my Res were literally getting pinged every time I did an action over there. Doesn't matter how far I am.

- Some of these bullet points down at the bottom are a bit self explanatory. Thinking of cutting them down to the most crazy ones

- > @Semiotiq
It's more the fact that no one ever took a breath and said 'whoa, maybe we shouldn't do this'

cue clip of Jeff Goldbloom in Jurassic Park

- can anyone look at the picture at the very bottom and tell me if we should highlight any other functionality on it? I wanted to make sure to hit "locals abroad", but wasn't sure if there were any other highlightable things.

- After that, I think we're close to uploading this last page

- ok, if people are satisfied that we haven't missed anything important, i'm out of content too. Once Lena is done, we can upload, format, and nitpick

- > @SaraTeslaKoiled
Boy oh boy does that doc make me sick to my stomach

it's so, so bad

- lol

- well, then I'd say you're done

- @Semiotiq i used "polygon of an area" rather than "polygonic area" a few times. change for unity?

- k, pencils down. 😌

- Y'all rock. This group makes me so proud. Can't wait to let my local crew know everything we suspected was not only real, but way worse than we thought.

- > @StealthRanger
I want so badly to ping my local team and tell them to tune in to the shitstorm at 12pm central.


- If someone is able to come up with some good copy to post to their local telegram/slack for an announcement, post it here tomorrow

- @theprevaricator @Semiotiq i think this was mentioned before, but the first pic on the Riot.one page has the agent's name in the URL. do we need to doctor that photo a little bit more?

- πŸ‘

- @Strandit like where it pulls mods?

- [[Photo]]

- Seems like there's an editorial note still here

- @theprevaricator comfortable giving me edit rights? I'll just do it in 10 sec

- if not no worries

- kk

- Made a document in the Web Resources folder called "Website Edits"

- @Strandit where's the best place to include it?

- #maximum impact

- no worries

- morning

- post it in the edits doc before you sleep

- k, i'll grab it

- just making sure: this is what we're looking for

- [[Photo]]

- that looks like the full agent GUID query that was only half visible in @Strandit 's pic

- πŸ‘adding to edit doc for the morning

- omg i bet that was like 2k messages ago

- i remember you tagging it

- @Semiotiq bed time for me. We should pin the edit doc or dm it to Erich. See you soon!

- I think It should all be third person. WB wrote in 2nd person and I hadn't figured out the tense yet as I was editing and condensing. Apologies


- It is, especially considering we'll be getting the opposite argument: "I'm just in it, I never use it anymore"

- > @TheRealVedorian

I get it, but even some of us were leaving some channels we once were added to but never use. Nothing of this scale granted, but cactus and poptart were and are real things ENL players are in channels with (and use).

- > @SCLori
As probably will happen with some others that were there but never used it. I'm sure there are a couple of those. Too bad. If you're a passenger in the get away car from a bank robbery, it doesn't matter that you were just getting a ride home and they happened to be going your way.


- > @CatrpilrQueen
I hate to say it, and I love my northern allies, but I think they are Europe lite β„’ when it comes to scraping and gray area tools.

agreed, even some in detroit sided with the scraping after the A2 general chat convo

- > @Arcticrebel
There is a pull quote where WB said you're not in there by accident. I made sure to ask for just this line of "I just joined and never used it"

ehh...it sounded like WB said you can be inactive in the slack forever with no issue. You just had to be active in Ingress (and not necessarily active guardian hunting or relating to the slack info) or you're warned in 30, kicked in 60.

- not making excuses. Just want to make sure we have our facts straight. Maybe I misunderstood.

- I think A3 is recent enough that we can have them marked without the doc.

- But I get the philosophy

- WB asked

- Yes, share in local slack, but just as important is to convince others who are not in this group to post on G+ where Niantic can see it. (paraphrase of what Charlie said)

- Apologies all. I went into a meeting and the thing happened again.

- This. If he was serious about that, Niantic would ask the slack owners for the API key. "Anyone who was in the slack but didn't use the tools will not be banned". No API key, then ban the owners.

- It's a day dream, but still

- We're gonna need to collect the G+ posts somewhere

- I think we should float the story, yes.

- If no one wants it fine

- Quietly goes and renames the folder on his hard drive something other than "scrapergate"...

- πŸ˜‰

- Ok, but the implication it seems like youre making (I could be misunderstanding) is that someone from this room not only leaked it, but is leaking the names of most of the people in the room. That's a much bigger implication than the original leak.

- I'm pretty sure someone on Res is a Mass Effect fan boy. The Information Broker in that universe is a shadowy figure who has a network of people who deal in strategic info about others.

- wasn't @SKSM5966 working on something like this yesterday?

- For the Krug file--he mentioned "we need proof of people using it"...so bascially he's saying having a list of slack members isn't enough--we would need to have a video of a screen share, since many people used RIOT direct. πŸ™„

- oh of course, but that would only be one user. He needs 15,000 screen shares. :P

- Love you guys. Proud of what we've done. Probably too late, but I'm going to step out of this room for now. Ping me if you need me.
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