- Sorry late to respond biuncing down the road now.
In response to a large amount of back log read.
1) this info and whistleblower/mole seems legit
2) for now the conversation remains here
3) when the information is complied we act as a group.

- I look at the Top down approach
We know the existence of information scraping on both sides the tools exist. But exposing a player or small group does little for the effort. Exposing a Network on either side that is actively exploiting or promoting the tools for their own game. Is the dynamic changer. I is difficult to see the fallout from this. Much can be speculated but the dynamics of players and interaction of players will change.

- Yes but when there is no game point for one to hold onto a guardian the dynamic changes. LESS of us will try to obtain it and there for less reason to try to stalk. I've earned my 147day guardian badge over 4 times in fine with that.
there would be nothing for the hunters take away from candidates .

- Yes not all will give it up bit tthe field changes

- I will appaude and guardian hunter that honestly pins a note on their calender the day I hike out and snag a distant portal and hunts it down.
However no one has ever sent me a DM on my capture day saying "nice try cu in 147 days"

- [[Photo]]
.....17.10.2017 16:11:16, Strandit (Seattle, WA, USA): >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- I'm sorry were we talking about something?

- I view the bomb drop timing with the anomaly not as a method to help win but a perfect time bring more eyes upon it

- Don't blink it is still accumulating

- This is a logical course of action and provides a layer of Anonymous protection, and dissolves Looking like orchestration

- [[Photo]]

- This seem like a anxious room currently, many emotions form discovery and information provided. That is fine. We are all troubled and want to do the right thing and not knee jerk to a snap action. So options will fly and we all will be sorting data and soul searching. In the end think Zen. Everyone take a slow deep breath... we will all think clearer.

- The lynch mod mentality should be in the Wuff room only ...of which I am now late for.

- [[πŸ™„ Sticker, size 13'524 bytes]]

- Just a Segway to jump to amother room

- Rank and file RES won't quit ingress it will continue with an altered social dynamic

- Give enough to prove we have good data and more of it, that can force krug into an ally position

- It took a whistle blower how long before evidence can out, we can keep this for more than a few hours of we keep emotion even excite me t out of it

- But we can't count on it for long

- That would work

- I've spent more in gas fielding, I have no problem assisting in funding,

- Website for that reason is the best choice. Above g+ Tumblr etc.

- It should be in the morning evening kills rapid distribution

- I would only put the breaks on if the WB needs another day to acquire more or deeper information, and access will halt when this bomb drops

- I would present it as a heads up not as a please fix this or it goes public

- Heh, I could do that. But sorry I am consumed with other matter that need legal attention thus week.

- Wish I could help compile this mess, but I'll will help disseminate as I can when it goes public

- That layout alone without connecting the dots is Equivalent to the payload of the Enola gay

- It is an outline and as that it works

- Just a little polish is all it needs.

- My only suggestion in the polish as I am currently nearly if not completely asleep.. is the language need a to be simple non geek if we want impact on the community at large, remember many non connected players my not understand scrapping and other terms contained therein, I know myself had I not become connected with a group I would not have a clue about POC and the implications. Short explanations should be included. Especially for location data or heat maps. Excuse my rambling but the backlash connection that kind of Data available if the same was extracted for Pogo the implications of kids safety goes far.

- Riot gun

- Agreed the tech is not the issue it is how it is used.

- And my brain died hours ago I'm done. Good night we shall see what t he morning brings,

- Let's not get hung up on just proving it is scraper data. It looks like it is and regardless of the source it is being provided from an Unsanctioned tool that as I read it is a ToS violation in itself.
I don't think we need "undisputable" proof As there will always be Naysayers, conspiracy theories, And those that look at it being an undefined Gray area.
There is enough here to make anybody reading it say what the fuck.
II am likely the newest player to the game among all of you. I haven't been around long enough for even one anniversary badge.

- Nor am I tied in and up to the curve like the rest of you. But this pissed me off just as much.
And I'm trying to look at this from outside the beltway. It doesn't matter the level of proof if confidence is high the average rank and file player will care. It will change the dynamic as it spreads Niantic will have to acknowledge this and adjust for it, the level of official action is uncertain but it can't be ignored.

- I recognized names on the list but unlike you I do not personally know them. Just as I have never been asked to join a ENL GH group (and I would not unless it was to turn states evidence) I know there are RES out there that are of the same as myself. Blue does not equal bad. Heat will come from both sides, this is not just an old establishment issue.

- Understand your point well and I had considered that, the point i wanted to impart was we keep drilling on proof of scraping, I think the point should be on that a type of tool is being used for DATABASE And DISTRIBUTION information that by their own privacy statement implies should be protected. That is a dynamic that drive this and needs changed.
I think we all realize or believe the will be no large mass banning of accounts over this. But it brings to light the argument that element of the game (guardian) has been exploited into its own game, damaging relations within the game itself xfac and I am sure within faction. .

- Yes we need to proceed with caution and level heads and without a shotgun

- EU privacy laws are very strict

- I can provide the law as soon as I get to my desk top. Although it is an easy search short sweet written on a 4th grade kwvel.

- Without safe harbor laws for pass through business on internet from Europe would not be possible as our laws don't protect the information as required.

- Niantic legal problem would be little compared to the agents personal troubles in Europe gathering info on European agents

- Lol yeah invite stating join bedore this release date and time

- Yes that would be the move

- The WB needs a UPS box and I'll pitch in for Glenlivet 25.

- Agreed exposing a wrong doing that may jeopardize one job when it violates employer policy is not my concern, it is a position that the employee put themselves in and we cannot compensate action for that

- Yes No real ID

- Agree

- Whoa! rubber duckie 65 is My alias

- I've also used pink fluffy Bunny slippers Twenty three

- One vacation is a quip sarcastic response

- I agree I don't like scraped, it becomes a highlight target to prove and debate.

- I knew I saw medic84 somewhere before
I guess I'll be seeing a alert soon i have a 143 day between Charlotte and rehobeth.

- Lol I like comic. But we must remember. Basic web fonts in order to scales the same on all browsers,

- I like now

- I like wide paragraph separation it make. Easy read and draws the eye. But maybe just a little less distance between would work since font type changed

- McClure park Statesville NC

- Then you read fast. It has been hard to scroll as fast as comms happen.

- i am following your editing it is looking good

- remember WB said this started as a method to track uniques then grew.

- classic lets build it bigger

- @rekkanoryo have you viewed the shrill sound TG yet

- the WB join link is in the pin it is eyeopening

- just get some alcohol first

- im out

- agree - that can fly out at a later time if at all

- all 4 work for mee

- refresh

- ah main section not side bar links

- one has @rekkanoryo

- ok folks cat conversations is the other room, sleep depravation has got us all good night let us all relax like a kid before christmas

- one ...

- i am dead but source looks like java script will embed easy

- Wow..on the road and just caught up.

- This is killing me I am at work and vwry busy. I can't spare time to keep watching this unfold. And could only squeeze in a couple posts while on the road. I need to call off sick the rest of the day!

- Hey let's be adults ...try something like. My lawyer can out litigate your lawer.

- I am impressed with some responses I've seen from both sides, we all knew that there would be, those standing behind the actions withj "justified" Convoluted reasons and those claiming Conspiracy theory it is fake data etc. What I was hoping for and saw was agents on BOTH sides Calling the operation and outrage and demanding Niantic do something .
This fire is just starting to burn
.....19.10.2017 21:07:10, Jason (JaWoTi): >>unsupported service message type: messageActionChatJoinedByLink<<

- [[Webpage]]Just found this post both factions want tees. https://plus.google.com/+JordanGoodwinVickVega82/posts/YaTaPt3hLhG

- After 18hrs Finally leaving work and I can then actually start catching up with posts, this will an interesting ride

- Oh that was easy ..And for his next trick Charlie proved black is white and got us all killed at the next zebra crossing

- Wish i would have had the time to do more. Everyone working here was incredible, is take this ride again . Maybe after a little sleep

- Heh my 143 day in NC took an ultra strike during all this. Still there less shield, imagine that. The culture has not changed just yet

- I said before, the guardian metric needs changed to remove the reason to hunt

- I think they look back and award guardian badges to players that previously achieved 10 days less then required, just to jack the hunters.

- Like playing poker with a transparent deck

- Agree as long as it is clear on the limit of what mod/ plugin capabilities are probibited as IITC could not be viewed as a stock ing tool

- Clear rules, appropriate penalties, and reasonable system to challenge the ruling on the field.

- I sent lthe new links to cleveland, Atlanta and Totonto Canada

- Folks I gotta Run I have a Scout Troop to Take camping for the Weekend I am likely oos till sunday. I got greater Toronto group buzzing with the money trail. Wish I could push some more today but I have realwold 2 dozen obligations that will be highly disapointed if everything is not wrapped up before we leave. see you by monday morning.