- {{FWD: Tiernan (NVX) NQ AU, 21.10.2017 00:16:45}}
So there's been RES leaks, and as a result there's been a desire to expose the presumably similar ENL scrapers of the world as well in a similar manner. I don't run such a tool nor am I affiliate with them, but I do run some tools which, just like IITC, do violate the strict letter of the ToS. As operators we've set an arbitrary view on where that line should be and what tools we are and are not comfortable using and that's fine, however rumours of ENL agents wanting to blow open things is concerning to me because I don't know if your opinion on this matter includes eg flipcard databases and portal location information.

As I have absolutely no desire to get caught up in the middle of this sort of thing, anyone suspected of wanting to willingly leak any information on opsec tools as a preventative measure will not have access to any tools I develop.

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